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Hi, I’m Lana. 


As a life coach, I empower others to discover their innate creativity and shift by tapping into their creative flow.

Achieving the state of creative flow allows you to envision different possibilities that life has to offer and step into a life of fulfillment. Working with you to tap into your Creative Flow will empower you to identify your aspirations, while I bring my coaching expertise to map out a plan to achieve your goals and hold you accountable to executing it. These tools help bring ideas and products to market faster and navigate through challenging times, whether facing career issues, relationship concerns or finding peace and balance. 


Creativity is unique to everyone. It can’t be prescribed. My philosophy is that you have the answers within. I empower you to discover your own answers by holding space for you and walking with you to rebuild and move your life forward. This allows you to see who you are inside of every situation and regulate yourself accordingly. My clients often refer to this experience as transformational, life-changing, and revitalizing — with more applicability to life and long-lasting results that go beyond checking the boxes. 


My approach is designed to extract insights and help put the pieces together in ways that you might not be able to yourself.


Because sometimes, we need someone to walk alongside us, not to tell us how to walk. 


Your best life is available to you. Together, we will tackle the obstacles and fears preventing you from moving your ideas and life forward. I encourage you to bravely step into this journey and allow me to be your guide.  


Creative Flow Methodology

  • Ideal life visioning

  • Uncovering values, fears, and blocks

  • Prioritizing future steps

  • Creative flow mapping

  • Getting in the creative flow through accountability

I work with

  • Executives 

  • Mid-Career Professionals 

  • Entrepreneurs 

  • Grief/Loss community 

  • Those going through divorce

  • Those seeking creative careers 

Meditation by the Sea

Live Your Best Life Creatively!

...Your best life is available to you. I invite you to step into this journey and allow me to be your guide...

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Together we will


  • Find your creative flow to be present and find focus

  • Visualize your ideal life - one with passion and purpose

  • Uncover your values, fears and blocks to gain alignment

  • Develop a greater self-awareness to bring your unique perspective and talents to your work and life

  • Enable a positive corporate culture through resilience and leadership development

  • Prioritize future steps, map out a plan to achieve your goals and hold you accountable

  • Create clarity to take new, unprecedented action in your work and beyond



Lana's ability to get me through a difficult period in my life was profound. Her authentically caring guidance allowed me to finally change my mind frame, a gift I continue to use in my everyday life. I'm so grateful. 


I loved working with Lana as my life coach. She not only helped me take on workplace challenges, she truly infused creative perspectives I didn't know were inside

of me.

Thanks, Lana! 


Our team attended a Coaching Cruise with Lana and HeartCentric. Wow - what a day! I had no idea group coaching could be so effective in bringing our team together to jumpstart a new project with more curiosity and innovation. 

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