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Practice Creative Wellness

Creative Wellness might be more important than ever given the current state of the world. From a raging pandemic to the “Divisive” States of America — we are all questioning how we got here. Yet, out of confusion, darkness, and turmoil, innovation is being born all around us. Why is this the case? I believe people are practicing Creative Wellness and they don’t even know it.

I’m often surprised how many times I hear the phrase, “I’m just not creative” in conversations. My response is always the same and that is that we are all creative. It seems people assume that if they can’t paint a masterpiece, sculpt a bust of a Greek god, or compose a sonata, they aren’t creative. I call their bull s%#!

Creativity has ranging meaning to different people. Webster’s dictionary defines creativity as, “the ability to create,” and “the quality of being creative.” Hmmm...what does it mean to have the quality of being creative? There are several definitions given, however, the one most relevant here is, “having the quality of something created rather than imitated: IMAGINATIVE.”

Do you use your imagination? I can’t think of any set of circumstances (unless you’re in a vegetative state) that one does not. If you use your imagination then you are by definition, creative. Why then do we challenge this notion for ourselves? Is it because as we progress out of childhood and into adulthood, we are taught to conform? Is it that we don’t consciously think about creativity, or how to incorporate it into our daily lives? Or, perhaps we believe we’re not creative because we simply don’t know what the true definition of creativity is? Historically, as a society, we have not placed value on creativity, but rather conformity. But the tides are turning.

I'm passionate about practicing Creative Wellness − the act of engaging in creativity. To me, it's a way of life, and I enjoy helping others tap into Creative Wellness and add it to their self-care toolbox. Because we ARE ALL creative! It’s important to understand that anything can be a creative process, product, service, or whatever else is being conjured up in those big wonderful brains of ours. When we know what fuels our creativity and engage in those activities, we yield productivity. And this is what brings novel ideas, products, and services to life.

So please go be creative. It’s easier than you think. And if you’re still stuck and need a helping hand, here are five actions you can take to get started. Let’s connect! See what happens when you tap into your imagination and start practicing the art of creativity itself — Creative Wellness.

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